How Poor Posture Affects Your Overall Health

poor postureWhen you think about the overall state of your health, your posture probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, posture can have a significant impact on many aspects of your health, from your risk of developing chronic pain to your energy levels and more. 

The Impact of Poor Posture on Your Health

The effects of poor posture on your health can be far-reaching, including:

  • Spinal and nerve pain

Poor posture forces the spine out of alignment. This puts an abnormal amount of pressure on certain areas of the spine, which increases the risk of back and neck pain. Slouching can also put pressure on the nerves near the spine, potentially leading to pain and dysfunction. 

  • Headaches

Tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back caused by poor posture can increase the prevalence of tension headaches. Headaches caused by poor posture often begin at the base of the skull and may reach the forehead. 

  • Low energy levels

Slouching puts an abnormal amount of pressure on certain areas of the body. To support the body in a slouched position, the muscles have to work harder than usual and become tired more quickly, often leading to fatigue. 

  • Gastrointestinal problems

Poor posture can inhibit digestion, cause heartburn, and trigger constipation. When you spend time in a slouched position, especially after eating, it places pressure on the abdomen. This potentially causes stomach acid to move in the wrong direction, leading to heartburn. Slouching may also inhibit the movement of food through the intestines, which can slow down your entire digestive system and contribute to constipation. 

Posture Rehabilitation at the Rubin Health Center

At the Rubin Health Center, we provide posture rehabilitation treatment to help relieve chronic pain, headaches, and other problems that are aggravated by poor posture. Through education on how to maintain proper spinal alignment and exercises to strengthen the muscles accordingly, our patients can achieve good posture and greater overall health. 


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