Elite Recovery Charter Program

Introductory Membership- $250.00

Twelve sessions total of our Elite Recovery Services (cryotherapy, theralight 360, infrared sauna, compression sleeves and active isolated stretching, Alter G) with three modalities a session for $250.00- One package at this rate allowed per person, after first package is used the rate will then go up to $300.00

Unlimited Cryotherapy & Theralight 360 light bed – $395.00 Monthly


Individual Service Prices

Cryotherapy Sessions– $25.00 a session

Theralight 360– $25.00 a session

Infrared Sauna– $25.00 a session

Compression Sleeves– $10.00 a session

Active Isolated Stretching– $45.00 a session (30 minutes)

Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill- $1.00 per minute or $150.00 for 300 minutes

Pilates Prices vary by class type


Chiropractic “Day Of” Add On

Add on a Cryotherapy or Theralight 360 session to your chiropractic visit for $20.00