Neubie Electrostimulation

Electrical stimulation is an advanced development in physical therapy. It revolutionized the way patients react to pain, injury, and loss of mobility by altering neurological signals for a faster recovery.

Neubie is a cutting-edge electrical stimulation device from Neufit, a company that’s dedicated to delivering the highest level of electrostimulation therapy to patients around the world. Considered a leading device in neuromuscular reeducation, the Neubie could be your key to less pain and better performance.

What Is Electrostimulation?

In electrostimulation therapy, electric waves are transmitted to the skin at the treatment area. These waves have a high enough frequency to stimulate the muscles or nerves, but won’t cause pain.

The electric waves administered to the body in electrostimulation are designed to imitate nervous system signals. These signals can prompt muscle contraction, leading to greater circulation in the treatment area, or block pain receptors from reaching the brain.

There are many different types of electrostimulation. The Neubie device stands out from most types of e-stim because it uses pulsed direct current (DC) rather than alternating current (AC). Designed to target the nervous system for neuromuscular reeducation, Neubie works to provide several biological benefits, starting at the cellular level. Simpler and less advanced AC e-stim devices don’t reach the cellular level, so their results are less potent.

What Are the Benefits of Neubie for Physical Therapy?

Neubie offers the following key benefits as a treatment option alongside physical therapy:

  • It speeds up the body’s natural healing process for faster healing, repair, and regeneration.
  • It allows for movement during treatment, enabling eccentric contractions that improve rehabilitation.
  • It’s a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option.
  • It targets the cause of your pain to prevent future problems.

What Can Neubie Be Used For?

Neubie can be used to:

  • Optimize your athletic performance
  • Speed up your recovery from illness or injury
  • Facilitate soft tissue rehabilitation
  • Help you manage pain from an injury or chronic condition

Neubie is an exciting development in electrical stimulation therapy. Contact us today to learn more about this treatment option.