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Compression Boots

Compression boots are designed to help patients and athletes recover from physical stress quickly and effectively. Without the need for costly or invasive treatments, compression boots can help you reach your full potential while avoiding injuries and discomfort.

What Are Compression Boots?

Compression boots are devices that we use alongside chiropractic treatments to improve recovery. These boots have an inflatable design with multiple sections that repeatedly inflate and deflate, providing intense compression treatment.
Compression boots extend over the knees to treat almost the entire leg. They’re hooked up to a control unit with a range of available settings and modes. We can adjust the pressure as needed to provide you with the most effective treatment possible.

Benefits of Compression Boots for Recovery

Compression is a effective therapeutic tool for healing and rehabilitation for several reasons, namely:

Increased Circulation
Compression boots increase blood circulation to the legs, helping the body recover from intense exercise. Circulation is a crucial component of physical recovery because blood is the vehicle through which nutrients are transported in the body. So by improving blood flow to the legs, compression boots can give your muscles the nutrients that they need to bounce back from a tough training session.
Reduction of Metabolic Waste
When you exert stress on your muscles during exercise, you create micro tears in your muscle fibers. These small tears cause metabolic waste to build up in your system. Athletes are particularly susceptible to the buildup of lactate, pyruvate, bicarbonate, ammonia, and pH. Compression boots help your body get rid of these unwanted compounds faster than you’re naturally able to, enabling a speedy recovery and less soreness after intense exercise.
Injury Prevention
By allowing your body to recover more effectively from physical exertion, compression therapy can also help prevent injuries. Frequent, strenuous exercise puts athletes at a higher risk for injury, meaning that a sufficient recovery period is important to stay safe and healthy. By shortening the time needed to recover after a long training session or game, compression boots can stop injuries before they happen.

Compression Boots for Chronic Conditions

Besides the benefits that they provide for athletes, compression boots can greatly benefit the treatment of several chronic conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Oedema
  • Restless leg disorder
Are you interested in the benefits that compression boots can provide to your overall health? Contact us today to learn more about this therapeutic treatment option.