The Webster Technique

Rubin Health Center is thrilled to offer the Webster Technique as one of our chiropractic services in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Webster Technique may provide benefits to expecting mothers and help position the unborn child so that it’s not in breech for the birth. As a gentle chiropractic adjustment method, the Webster Technique is low risk and may significantly increase the chance for an unborn child to turn on its own.

How the Webster Technique Works

The Webster Technique is used in chiropractic care for pregnancy. Consisting of a sacral analysis and diversified adjustment, the Webster Technique may improve pelvic function in pregnant women by minimizing the impact of sacral subluxation and/or SI joint dysfunction. In simpler terms, the Webster Technique can reduce tension in the pelvic area to make it easier for the fetus to move into the optimum position.

In pregnancy, the sacrum and pelvic bones may more easily experience subluxation due to increased pressure on the area and hormonal factors. Sacral subluxation can create a high-risk birth situation due to malpresentation, poor uterine function, or pelvic contraction. These problems may then cause dystocia, a difficult birth often due to fetal malposition.
The Webster Technique can rectify sacral subluxation and decrease the risk of dystocia in birth. It may effectively shift the position of the fetus so that, ideally, it will have turned in time for the birth.

Fetal Malposition and Its Risks

Expecting mothers may share many concerns regarding malposition and the birth process, including:

  • What if my baby hasn’t turned by the time I go into labor?
  • What if my baby isn’t in the ideal position?
  • Will I have to have external cephalic version?
  • Will I have to have a C-section?
Malpresentation of an unborn child poses distinct risks in birth and may require a surgical birth. While external cephalic version is a medical technique most commonly used to correct malposition before birth, it can cause fetal distress, premature labor, and vaginal bleeding, among other complications. For some women, external cephalic version is unavailable because it poses too great of a risk.

The Webster Technique Can Lead to a Safer Birth

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic adjustment focusing on the sacrum. The aim of this method is to realign and facilitate movement in the sacrum. This may encourage the fetus to naturally turn to the optimum position after the adjustment.
The Webster Technique is an ideal first step for expecting mothers to promote a safe birth. It’s a gentle, natural method and has shown great success for pregnant women, both in research and in practice.
Dr. Rubin is trained in the Webster Technique and now offers this revolutionary chiropractic service at the Rubin Health Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.