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Click Here to read a great article by patient John Turner about preparing to climb Everest, and how chiropractic treatment with Dr. Rubin was extremely effective in maintaining physical structure and performance.

Such a great overall office. The front desk staff are always nice and helpful and greet everyone with a smile. I see Dr. Pizzi, and he’s an incredible chiropractor. It’s so clear to see that he loves what he does. He’s efficient but also personable; very important for a physician. I also see Billie for physical therapy. She’s so straightforward with her methods and provides realistic goals to work towards. John gives the best body messages. He really works through the muscles, unlike any massage therapist I’ve ever had. His knowledge of the body and how all the muscles work together is incredible and I always walk out feeling better. Everyone in the office is wonderful. I absolutely recommend them!
Jenn D. | 5/15/2019

When I Moved here a few years ago i figured if dr Rubin is good enough for the US Olympians, he should be able to keep me alive.  Im fact he and his staff go above and beyond in all areas of wellness.  Whether you need maintenance or help recovering from an injury, this group of amazing people will take great care of you.
Celia S. | 7/12/2018

Dr. Rubin, Dr. Lauren, and Dr. Pizzi, are ALL amazing.  Their approaches are similar but totally different.  I’ve consistently been to MANY chiropractors and ONLY the Rubin Center has been able to get to the root of my back, neck and head forward posture issues!  I went to their office in excruciating pain and quickly recovered.  Dr. Rubin taught me how to breathe … sounds so simple but didn’t even know i couldn’t breathe properly and had been basically holding my breath for a long time.  They also taught me correct posture:  how to sit, stand, sleep workout.  I used to have to get adjusted a minimum of 1x-2x a week – now it’s been weeks since my last adjustment and i feel great and pain free.
Also the PILATES and Tami and Chrissy are a gift from the universe.  Those two women are incredible – the best of the best.   That Dr. Scott Rubin offers Pilates and Yoga sets the Rubin Center above and beyond for his patients.  It starts at the top but the entire staff at the Rubin Center is kind, supportive, brilliant, intuitive, instinctual and truly comprehensive on whole health.  I’m grateful to the whole Rubin Team.
Julie F. | 10/21/2018

Scott is a master Chiro. I felt something give when squatting and wasn’t sure what it was. After a few days I decided to call and set an appointment (I was referred to him by a friend). Scott is knowledgeable, patient, and put together a program for me that worked. I didn’t feel any pressure to buy into additional services and genuinely felt cared for. Go see Scott if you want a solid professional.
Brandon R. | 9/29/2018

I was referred after a car accident and I’m so grateful for the treatments, the staff and the difference in how I feel.  The doctors and message therapists are all thorough and professional but also very friendly. The administrative staff is very helpful and friendly, too. Most of all, Mike (physical therapist) is very knowledgeable and encouraging.  I think the physical therapy and strength training has been the key to my recovery. I feel so much better and it is all thanks to all of those at Dr. Rubin’s office.
Angela L. | 5/22/2018

My back and neck have been killing me for a long time now. I have been to a few different chiropractors and it usually a quick fix or they can’t get it all. This time I was treated with the upmost respect and was greeted with a great smile as soon as walked. After I left I knew I would be definitely be coming back here. Amazing staff and beyond friendly. It was my first visit and they wanted to know everything about me. Thank you and I will definitely be recommending everyone here.
Raymond G. | 7/8/2018

Dr. Rubin has been my chiropractor for quite a few years now and I’m so thankful for him. He is kind and genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of his patients. He takes the time to get to know you and he knows exactly what to do to correct whatever is out of alignment or causing pain. He has been helping me with chronic neck issues and TMJ pain mostly and I always leave feeling so much better! The staff is great, too — always warm and friendly. I would gladly recommend this practice to anyone.
Michele R. | J5/22/2018