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Click Here to read a great article by patient John Turner about preparing to climb Everest, and how chiropractic treatment with Dr. Rubin was extremely effective in maintaining physical structure and performance.

Saved my life!
"After a year plus of bilateral knee pain and constant visits to an orthopedic surgeon with surgery, and a series of injections, and 6+ months of constant physical therapy, I stumbled into Rubin Health Center. Desperate. I have 3 small children and I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t even play with them – could hardly even bend my knees anymore. I was crying all the time and thinking horrible thoughts. They have worked on me for 2 months with the graston technique and I am a new person! I have seen Dr.Robbins and Dr.Rubin and love them both. The staff is wonderful, the hours are great, and they are so knowledgeable about so many things. In fact, my 6 year old is having problems with his GI system and I am taking him in to see Dr.Robbins soon. I hope they like me because I am not going anywhere else! I HIGHLY recommend this place. Plus I can even do pilates there now, too."
Tara T. | Nov 12, 2010

Exceptional health care!
"I have been a client of Dr. Rubin’s for over five years and I am completely surprised by the negative statements below. The front office staff, as well as Dr. Rubin have always been courteous and helpful. I have recommended numerous friends who are now regular clients too. The type of health care Dr. Rubin and his staff provide is a rare encounter. They view the client in a holistic manner and understand that most health problems have a multi-factorial etiology. So, it makes sense that a multi-dimensional approach is employed in the healing process. If you are looking for exceptional health care then you should definitely check out The Rubin Health Center."
A Google User | Nov 7, 2010

This office really goes the extra mile!
"I have been a patient of Rubin Health Center since May. They have helped me with my headaches and pretty much brought all my aches and pains down to a minimum. Their massage therapists are wonderful, as well as their office staff. I been to many doctors in the past and never have I felt more at home and comfortable then I do when I visit this place. I would recommend Rubin Health Center to anyone who really cares about their health and is serious about getting better."
A Google User | Nov 7, 2010

This Place Is the Best.
"My visits to this clinic have been wonderful I had knee surgery last January and I had been enduring back and hip problems since. through my visits to Doc Rubin this has changed. he has an extraordinary amount of knowledge, experience and friendliness to make it very enjoyable to get treated by him. Its crazy how u can go in to a doctor’s office hurting and in pain and come out laughing and feeling 100% better."
Sam | Oct 31, 2010

"I was never sure how I felt about chiropractors until I saw Dr. Rubin. It seems like I don’t even have to tell him what the problem is, he just finds it and makes it better. He takes a very wholistic approach: nutrition, exercise, posture, ergonomics. He doesn’t believe in endless treatment. He wants to make you better. He’s amazed me so many times I don’t question it anymore. I recommend him to everyone."
A Google User | Aug 3, 2010

Long time patient.
"I have gone to Dr Rubin for years….I was first referred to him by a friend and have since recommended him to other friends. I have had chronic neck pain from ergonomic issues with working from my home. He has explored all kinds of possible causes. His gentle, caring, and knowleable approach has kept me coming back. The main thing I like about his practice philosophies is that he treats the whole being. He takes the time to listen to what is going on in my life and then evaluates the possible causes from muscle testing, emotional factors (stress, etc) before treating the structural ensuring there is a balance….giving me tips on how I can make some adjustments to my lifestyle to help myself and get to occasional adjustments rather than regularly scheduled visits. I would strongly recommend him and his staff at the Rubin Health Center."
A Google User | Aug 2, 2010

Unique Approach. Long-Term Results
"I’ve been developing neck and back pain for the last couple years due to long hours sitting at a computer. I also have hereditary foot problems which have been getting worse over time. The doctors and staff at the Rubin Health Center started by analyzing my entire structural balance. After literally three visits and some at-home exercises they had my posture re-aligned and gave me a complete plan to prevent future problems. They addressed the root of my aliments and educated me on how to maximize my long-term physical wellness. I’ve never felt better. You can’t really put a price on health and happiness, which makes their incredibly low prices that much more amazing. I would highly recommend a visit for anyone and everyone."
A Google User | Jul 31, 2010