Structural Fingerprint Exam

For a complete head-to-toe checkup, ask for a Structural Fingerprint Exam, which looks at your body as an architectural structure, pinpoints your stress points, and provides information to minimize your body’s degeneration by using active and passive modalities.

Just like each fingerprint is unique, every patient’s body is unique due to genetic make-up, prior traumas, exercise program, diet, weight, shoes worn, mattress slept on, habits, activity level and psychological profile. These basics contribute to how your body aligns. A misalignment in the position of your head in relation to your body, or having one raised hip or shoulder, contributes to the “aches and pains” in your life. A visual evaluation should be performed, looking at your body from the back, side, and front in the standing position.

A Structural Fingerprint Exam Usually Consists Of:

1. Finding Out Where Your Body Is Right Now:

    • IA symptom survey
    • IMeasuring the Q-angle of the knees
    • IFoot arch analysis
    • WinPosture balance test
    • IAP, lateral pelvis and neck X-rays
    • IMuscle testing

2. Developing A Plan Based On Your Unique Needs

3. Using Our Neuroproprioceptive Rehab Gym, Or Purchasing Items For Your Home Exercise Use.

    • Increase balance and coordination
    • Minimize degeneration
    • Help your muscles to work more effectively
    • Reduce stress on your joints and structural system

4. Adjustments, To Put Your Neurokenetics In Motion.

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