Storz Medical D-Actor 100

The Storz Medical D-Actor 100 is a machine that administers shockwave and pressure wave therapy using advanced, clinically-proven technology. Shockwave therapy has displayed a success rate that’s equal or above that of traditional treatment methods without the need for surgery. Similarly, pressure wave technology is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment method for pain. The Storz Medical D-Actor 100 machine offers both of these treatment options to address pain from various soft tissue conditions.

How Does The Storz Medical D-Actor 100 Work?

The Stoz Medical D-Actor 100 machine works using an air compressor with a pulse wave generator. Paired with a precision ballistic mechanism in the handpiece of the machine, the projectile is accelerated by compressed air, creating kinetic energy.

When the projectile collides with an immovable surface, the kinetic energy is converted into sound energy. There are different acoustic impedance applicators that transmit acoustic energy into the tissue.

When acoustic energy is transmitted to the treatment area with the Storz Medical D-Actor 100 machine, it initiates the body’s natural healing process while promoting new cell growth and blood flow.

With the Storz Medical D-Actor 100, we can treat deep into the tissue of the bone and tendon area. This is the area of most concern with tendinosis and tendinitis, or enthesopathy tendinosis, which is a common concern among people of many ages.

The D-Actor 100 machine also provides these impressive physiological benefits:

  • Increased formation of new blood vessels
  • Increased local blood flow
  • Conversion of pulse wave stimulation into biochemical signals that release growth factors to up-regulate biosynthesis by tenocytes elongated fibroblasts (eventually leading to the growth of collagen fibers that make up tendons)
  • In contrast, a hydrocortisone injection used to treat enthesopathy tendinosis will kill the production of new tendon fibers.

What Areas Can The Storz Medical D-Actor 100 Be Used On?

The Storz Medical D-Actor 100 machine can be used to administer shockwave and pressure wave technology to many areas of the body, mainly the:

  • Foot, ankle, and lower leg
  • Thigh, knee, pelvis, and hip
  • Back
  • Forearm, wrist, and hand
  • Upper arm, elbow, and shoulder
  • Neck

The Storz Medical D-Actor 100 machine uses advanced shockwave and pressure wave technology to promote the healing of damaged soft tissue. As a quick and non-invasive treatment method, this treatment option may be the right choice for many patients. Contact Rubin Chiropractic Health Center in St. Petersburg today to learn more about treatment with the Storz Medical D-Actor 100.