Sports Massage St Petersburg

  • Sports massage at The Rubin Health Center in St Petersburg Fl, is well known to athletes in all sports and it’s just as beneficial to you if you’re active in sports of any kind.
  • You’ve probably seen Boxers, or cyclist getting massaged during and after their events, or long distance runners and sprinters receiving massages.
  • Professional athletes understand the importance of sports massage and it will help you as well, if you want to perform your best at any sport.
  • AsthmaAthletes learn and endlessly practice movements for their sport that must be performed with exacting accuracy literally tens of thousands of times.
  • This is the perfect recipe for overused and overstressed muscles and tendons that come from repetitive movements, i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome suffered by so many people, from work and hobby related movements for years.

Don’t wait until you’re Injured To get a Sports Massage

  • Sports massage therapy is used as a preventative therapy as well as therapy for injuries to enhance performance as well as reducing recovery times, when maximum performance is needed during an event.
  • Sports massage therapy helps with flexibility and improving endurance, while preventing injuries that are caused when a muscle group is not properly warmed up.

Sports Massage will enhance your skill and help you to avoid injury

  • Massage enhances athletic performance sports massage focuses on soft tissue aches, pain and injuries that are common to all athletes. Massage reduces muscle stiffness and relaxes sore muscles by reducing your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Athletes all experience the benefits of massage, by having a massage therapist carefully apply pressure to soft tissues, which helps to maintain muscle flexibility and increased range of motion that relieves muscle stiffness.

You’ll be amazed at the difference sports massage makes in your game

  • If you’ve never experienced the increase in performance and the increased recovery times, gained from sports massage before or after a sporting event, let The Rubin Health Clinic in St. Petersburg introduce you to real peak performance in your sport.
  • Call us at (727) 351-8298 with any questions about massage therapy in St Petersburg at the Rubin Health Clinic in St Petersburg Fl.