Benefits of a Good Posture

by | Apr 20, 2021 | The Rubin Chiropractic Health Center Blog

Good posture is something worth working towards. While your posture may seem like a minor component of your overall health, it can make a sizable difference in how you look and feel. Good posture equates to good skeletal alignment, and anyone can achieve it if they set their mind to it.

To give you the motivation to achieve good posture, let’s talk about the many benefits it can provide to your wellbeing. 

Prevents and Reduces Lower Back Pain

Standing with the spine aligned prevents strain on the lower back. When you slouch, it strains the spinal discs, ligaments, and muscles, creating the risk of lower back pain. By standing with your shoulders back and your spine straight (except for its natural curves), you’ll avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your spine that could lead to lower back pain. 

Maximizes Your Lung Capacity

Poor posture compresses the lungs, which can inhibit your breathing. By standing with your shoulders back and your spine in alignment, your lungs will have room to expand fully. Sitting with good posture is also important for your lungs to reach maximum capacity, so keep posture in mind the next time you’re sitting at your desk, at the dinner table, or in front of the TV. 

Boosts Circulation Throughout the Body

Good posture prevents the compression of your vital organs. This allows blood to flow freely to your vital organs. When your vital organs receive optimal circulation, they’ll function better, providing a boost to your overall health. 

Reduces Neck and Shoulder Tension

When you stand with your head too far forward, as is the case with slouching, it puts unnecessary pressure on the shoulders, neck, and the upper portion of the back. This can lead to muscle tension and pain in these areas. When the head is properly aligned over the spine, the tension on the neck and shoulders can be prevented so that you feel more comfortable, even after long periods of standing or sitting. 

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