Busting Myths About Cryotherapy

by | Aug 20, 2020 | The Rubin Chiropractic Health Center Blog

Cryotherapy treatments are just one of the many services we offer in our elite recovery room. Our cryotherapy treatments can be used before or after your other chiropractic services. In fact, you can use our elite recovery room, including our cryotherapy therapy, without a chriopractic adjustment as a part of your recovery from extreme exercise or other activity. 

But some people are a little afraid of cryotherapy. After all, why would you expose yourself to such extreme temperatures? Won’t it hurt? Can’t it cause hypothermia? What about skin changes? In all reality, cryotherapy is completley safe and non eof these are true. Here’s why these myths are busted.

Cryotherapy doesn’t last long enough to hurt.

Yes, you are being exposed to some very extreme cold temperatures. But those temps are only lasting for a few seconds. Most people feel this as a rush or shock that is quickly over. But the quick flash of cold can do wonders for pain and inflammation, and stimulates muscle recovery.

Cryotherapy doesn’t cause hypothermia.

Again, you’re not in the cryochamber long enough for any negative health effects to occur. The process is completly safe as long as it is administered by a trained and experienced professional.

Cryotherapy doesn’t affect your skin.

Frostbite may be a concern in extreme cold on a mountain, but in a cryotherapy chamber it is completely impossible. The short time you are in the chamber doesn’t affect your skin at all. 

Are you interested in trying cryotherapy for your chronic pain or muscle recovery? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.