Athletes’ Corner

Concerned Parents Of Young Athletes™

Did you know?

  • Over 2 million injuries occur yearly in young athletes (9 to 12)
  • 3.5 million injuries occur each year in children (K to 8)
  • 775,000 of these injuries require emergency room treatment (Only 14% of the total injuries)
  • 62% of these injuries occur during practice not in competition
  • Many of these injuries are due to repetitive activity or micro-trauma
  • Sprains and strains are the most common type of injury

Pre-season sports physicals provide very little biomechanical information on what young athletes may be pre-disposed to injury. These pre-season physicals focus on looking at the eyes, ears, nose and throat, listening to the heart and lungs and checking for scoliosis. This is important but does not address the growing epidemic of sports related injuries amongst middle and high school athletes.


Our current medical model of healthcare dictates that you wait until an injury occurs before seeking treatment. The doctor only evaluates the site of pain and the whole goal of the treatment is to just get rid of the pain. This is way too little, way too late in addressing why young athletes are being injured in record numbers.

The goal of the Concerned Parents of Young Athletes™ Program is to provide biomechanical screenings to student athletes BEFORE they are injured. The Structural Fingerprint® Exam detects biomechanical imbalances in the student athlete and helps determine who is at risk for injury. Once these structural or biomechanical imbalances are identified, proactive measures can be taken to address them. The goal is to prevent injury and keep the student athlete in active competition. This evaluation should be performed on all student athletes, not just those who are experiencing pain or have sustained previous injury.

The Structural Fingerprint® Exam is recommended to all middle and high school student athletes and includes a follow-up visit to discuss the results of the evaluation. There is no obligation beyond this evaluation. Call us today at 727-351-8306 to schedule your child’s evaluation.