Swedish Massage St. Petersburg

  • Swedish massage is the most common type of massage performed by Massage Therapist in St Petersburg and is used to relax your body as well ridding your body of toxins and increasing your blood circulation.
  • Swedish massage works your muscles by using long strokes that are in the direction of blood that is returning to your heart, which is why it increases your blood circulation and that’s always good for your health.
  • Swedish massage uses long kneading strokes along with rhythmic strokes that also involves tapping the top layers of your muscles, which also involves movement of your joints during the massage. Swedish therapy is relaxing and energizing and very helpful when you’re recovering from injuries that involve your muscles and joints.

There are many Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • Swedish massages stokes are toward your heart and mimics the movements of your body’s circulatory system. This helps to drain the metabolic waste from the limbs of your body, while increasing your blood flow, to help remove bodily waste.

Swedish Massage is Great For Pain Relief

  • Massage therapy is a favorite of doctors to help manage pain, by targeting areas of pain to relieve muscle soreness. Swedish Massage also helps you to manage chronic pain from arthritis. Improving your body’s circulation is the key to pain relieve and allowing you to continue with your life instead of being sidelined with pain and discomfort from sore muscles and joints.

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