Three Benefits of the Functional Movement Screen

by | Nov 10, 2019 | The Rubin Chiropractic Health Center Blog

The Functional Movement Screen is a screening process that allows a trained professional to determine weaknesses and malalignments through basic movements. This screening allows us to better diagnose and address the issues that are affecting your mobility or stability. Here are just three benefits of the functional movement screen.

A Better Diagnostic Tool

Some practitioners will diagnose issues with malalignment and mobility problems by asking the patient about what activities cause them difficulty or pain. The Functional Movement Screen is a better diagnostic tool because it tests the basic movement of the body without it being trained on a specific task. These more basic patterns of movement can be much more telling of the weaknesses and issues that need to be addressed.

Cost Effective

Many doctors will take x-rays of the spine or joints that are causing pain or difficulty in movement. X-rays can be costly. The Functional Movement Screen is even more accurate than these more costly imaging alternatives because the trained professional can see the problems as the movements are being made. The screening is also more cost effective than a series of imaging.

Your Journey to Health

Your journey to optimum health relies on your medical practitioners having a complete understanding of the issues and conditions that you face. The Functional Movement Screen allows us to better treat you so that you will be able to maintain and improve your overall health under our care.

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