Who Should and Shouldn’t Use Our Infrared Sauna To Relax and Recover

by | Jan 11, 2021 | The Rubin Chiropractic Health Center Blog

An infrared sauna goes beyond a regular sauna to help patients achieve greater pain relief. It heats the body with infrared light, creating a lower air temperature than typical saunas and making it possible for patients to remain in an infrared sauna for longer. This advanced treatment option is beneficial not only for athletes needing to recover from intense workouts, but also for people seeking alternative therapy for regular aches and pains. That said, the infrared sauna isn’t a safe treatment choice for everyone. Here, we’ll go over the ideal patients for the infrared sauna and those who should avoid it to stay healthy.  

Who Should Use Our Infrared Sauna?

People looking to lose weight should consider using our infrared sauna to help burn more calories. This treatment method will enhance your weight loss efforts, with patients typically burning between 200 and 600 calories in one session in the infrared sauna. If intense workouts aren’t an option for you due to mobility restrictions, the infrared sauna can be a significant aid in your weight loss plan. 

Additionally, patients of all types who want to gain the following benefits should consider using the infrared sauna in our Elite Recovery Room:

  • Improved circulation and lower inflammation in the body for faster recovery after a workout or injury
  • Improved elasticity and tone in the skin
  • Reduced levels of harmful toxins in the body as they’re sweat out in the sauna, allowing for:
    • Boosted metabolism
    • Better mood
    • Reduced muscle tension
    • Lower blood pressure

Who Shouldn’t Use Our Infrared Sauna?

The infrared sauna typically reaches 120℉. While this is lower than a regular sauna, which reaches around 180℉, certain patients should consult with their doctors and potentially avoid the infrared sauna to avoid health risks. These patients include:

  • Patients with cardiovascular problems, including low or high blood pressure, diabetes, or a history of heart disease
  • Patients with obesity
  • Patients taking prescription medications, namely beta-blockers, diuretics, and barbiturates, should consult their doctor before using the infrared sauna 
  • Patients with an infectious disease
  • Patients who have alcohol in their systems
  • Patients who are pregnant
  • Male patients who are trying for pregnancy

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