Why Abnormal Posture May Be the Source of Your Pain

by | Sep 27, 2022 | The Rubin Chiropractic Health Center Blog

If you’re struggling with persistent pain, especially in the back and neck, you may want to consider your posture. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or moving around, your posture makes a big impact on how your body manages impact. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how abnormal posture can contribute to lasting pain. 

Common Errors in Posture

Though posture is often unique to the individual, the following positions commonly lead to back and neck aches:

  • Slouching while sitting

When someone is slouched, it means that their head, neck, and shoulders are hanging forward. This position is especially common among people who work at a desk throughout the day.

  • Putting all of your weight on one leg

Leaning into one leg while standing may feel comfortable, especially if you have to stand for a prolonged period. But, this places an undue amount of stress on one side of the body. 

  • Standing with an exaggerated curve in the lower back

Standing with your bottom out creates a large curve in the lower back. While a small curve in the lower back is natural, exaggerating it can increase the strain on various tissues and structures in the body. 

  • Tech neck

Tech neck is a nickname for hanging the head forward, which people tend to do while they’re looking down at their phones, tablets, or other devices. 

How Does Poor Posture Contribute To Pain?

Standing, sitting, or moving with poor posture can lead to pain by:

  • Straining and tensing the back, neck, and abdominal muscles
  • Decreasing circulation to the back, neck, and core
  • Increasing the stress imparted on the intervertebral disc and other structures in the spine
  • Raising your risk of developing spinal injuries, like a herniated disc

At The Rubin Health Center, we offer a variety of therapies that can help alleviate persistent back and neck pain. Our experts can also provide strategies to help you correct poor posture and inefficient movement patterns. Contact us today to book an appointment!